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This is why you need F*ck This money

Think of an amount of money. An amount that would let you leave a job and on the way out the door, tell everyone just what you think of them and also rip out the light fixtures. An amount that would shelter you from any consequences, because you’re set up for life. This is Fuck You money. If you don’t already have this, it would probably only come from a windfall, not from a gradual, strategic buildup. 

Think of another amount of money. An amount that would let you walk away from: 

A bad job

A bad living situation

A bad relationship

A car that can’t be fixed

You wouldn’t burn any bridges, though you might want to. You would just go, and remove yourself from danger. This is Fuck This money, or a Fuck-Off Fund. You need Fuck This money. It buys you freedom, it keeps you safe and out of harms way.

It was always important to have this. But now. Now, it’s critical.

Now, we find ourselves with 22 out of 50 states having outright banned or soon intending to ban abortions. If this is your state, would you be able to travel to the nearest safe haven state if you need to?

Now, you need to consider layering your birth control methods if you do not want to get pregnant. Now, you need to consider an IUD. 

Now, you need to have Plan B and pregnancy tests on hand if you might become pregnant, but don’t want to be. (But do not stockpile Plan B. It expires, and stockpiling harms those who do need immediate access). 

Now, we have a clear signal from the Supreme Court that the ability to even do any of the above, and avoid an abortion in the first place, is in the crosshairs. The rights of people to marry or even just have a relationship with a person of the same sex are at risk as well. 

Now, we need to completely reconfigure our financial plans to make sure this money - in cash - is available. If that means debt takes a little longer to pay off, or you pump the brakes on funding the investment account for a bit, or you stretch out the timeline on that big goal you were working towards, do it. 

Because all of this takes money. This needs to be integrated into your planning. Credit cards are fine for other emergencies, but maybe not for this one, if you want to leave as few traces as possible. Some companies have come forward with promises to cover employees’ abortion-related travel expenses. Let’s assume that the intentions are good; it’s very unclear how it would work logistically. Are all employees covered? Would you need to disclose your medical details to your boss? To HR? Would the company release details to law enforcement if asked?

And do not ignore the long-term impact of this: it will set women back. Having to dedicate money to ensure access to basic medical care is a tax on us. That is money that is not being used for better purposes. Women already are at a financial disadvantage, and this will make it worse. Understand clearly that this is part of the overarching plan: putting women in a situation where they have to steal from their future to protect their present. Constantly playing catch-up, missing out on years of growth.

Worse, not everyone can do this at all. That makes it more urgent for those of us who can. If you are able, consider supporting organizations providing access and care for those who can’t. 

Fuck You money is nice, but it mostly happens in the movies. But everyone should be able to say Fuck This when the time comes. 


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