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Introduction - Why You Should Work With A Financial Planner

We are at a unique point in history with regards to organizing our financial lives. It has simultaneously become simpler (easy availability of real-time balance and transaction information, an Internet full of tips for saving and budgeting) and more complicated (ballooning student loan debt, a difficult job market, ever more confusing products and terms) than ever to just understand and assess your financial situation. The financial services industry seems dedicated to, let’s face it, keeping you confused. Is there a way to cut through the noise, get solid advice, and take back control? Money management is thought of as being something you should either do yourself, OR something you let someone do for you because you can’t possibly understand it all. But neither approach is really best. For example, I don’t cut my own hair or perform dentistry on myself: I just don’t have those skill sets, so I’m happy to leave it to the professionals who do. But I don’t leave it completely to them. I’m responsible for daily maintenance of teeth and hair, and recognizing when it’s time for a visit. If I didn’t hold up my end of the partnership, the dentist and the hairstylist can’t do their job well.

Think of working with a financial planner in the same way. It’s a partnership, ideally a very long-term one, with both parties needing to do their parts for it to be successful. As the planner, my role is to help you organize the various moving parts you deal with (budget, insurance, investing, debt, major purchase planning, etc) into a cohesive whole, help you determine what your goals are, educate you about topics that affect you, and keep you accountable to those goals when life gets in the way. As the client, your job is to keep me informed of life events and changing financial circumstances and to be receptive to exploring alternative solutions to challenges.

If you are interested in learning more, call or email, or schedule an intro meeting. My aim for this blog is to demystify financial topics and explain what things are important (how laws and regulations affect you, for example), and what things aren’t (like what happens to be going on in the market). Ultimately, it’s your money and your future. So get a professional on your side who will work for you and partner with you as you take back control of your money.


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